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Q: Do you do very deep tissue massage?

A: I frequently get asked about how intense I do deep tissue massages. The answer I generally give is that I do deep tissue massage but it may feel different than other deep tissue they have experienced. I don't believe that massage should hurt. I practice a very detailed technique which follows along the muscle fibres and slowly releasing the knots and tightness. Say for example you have a set of tangled rubber bands which you are successfully untangling and someone walks in and says 'hey why not beat harder on that rubber band to fix that?' Not only does that disrupt the untangling process which was doing a lot of good, it also isn't solving much by pushing harder on the bands. If anything the bands would start to push back instead of untangling. Tight and knotted muscles are very similar, no amount of pressure can loosen up knotted fibres if not done correctly. A good deep tissue massage takes into account the muscular anatomy and can work firmly in the muscle tissue without having to apply a great degree of pressure. Pain does not always mean gain when it comes to a deep tissue massage. Focused and targeted work is what I find works best at releasing tightness and knots in the muscles. When steady pressure is applied into the muscles, the tissue responds better and starts to soften which allows the therapist to be able to work deeper into the structures to do more corrective work. Also consider massage as a regular routine to prevent your muscles from getting extremely tight. One hour massage session every couple of months can only do so much, I recommend getting a massage every couple of weeks to maintain healthy muscle tissue and a more relaxed and happier you. Regular massage does not have to be expensive either, this is why we have a membership program offering clients 2 massages a month, each session at half price. Click here to join